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Everyone Has a Story Worth Telling

There's something different about sitting across the table from someone you have just met and out of nowhere the conversation takes a turn and you say something you never thought you would, especially to a stranger, let alone publicly. 

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Why You Should Listen To Our Podcast

Self-help focus

We began this podcast with a completely different approach in mind. It was supposed to have been a business related podcast. After recording episodes one and two and hearing the guest's stories the show found itself in an entirely different landscape. On nearly every episode we hit that moment to where the guest relaxes, opens up, and tells a truth they hadn't intended to. And at that moment you can see and feel the relief of a burden they've been holding for far to long. 

New guest every week

We aim to have a new guest on weekly for our listening and viewing audience. The host also records solo episodes to discuss certain topics, news, content, fast-food failures, and more. All episodes air on Tuesdays, 5:00am, MST. The video podcast can be watched on YouTube and Spotify and listened to on all streaming platforms. 

Interesting topics

Each episode is entirely different than it's predecessor. We don't do a massive amount of research. Our hopes are to have an open and honest conversation were we can trust each other in that space. This had led to some wonderful conversations about ketamine treatment, mental health, horrific accident trauma, suicide, loss of family members, traveling the world, hunting with physically disabled people, and triumph over all adversity. 

High quality audio & video

We made the decision to only perform in person interviews after extreme failures with Zoom and This choice allowed us to control our Audio and Video recording. We use the highest quality industry standard cameras, recording software, & microphones. All editing, mixing, post-production and hosting services are performed in-house.

Meet the host

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Kyle M. Wolff

Founder, Person w/ Big Dreams

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From Our Listeners 

"Most fascinating episode yet. I will let a client know who is in a wheelchair and is an amazing skier. With all the hunters in our office this is a perfect organization for us to support, plus we probably know private landowners who would want to be involved. GREAT JOB"

kellireid - listener since 2022

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